GREENER Newcastle - EV Charging
Give us your views!


We are currently asking residents and organisations in Newcastle for their views about where new charging points for Electric Vehicles (EVs) should be located in Newcastle. Please tell us what you think!

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing in numbers across Newcastle. There are a number of EV charging points across the Newcastle area and Newcastle City Council are planning to increase this number in the future. We have set out our plans in more detail in this draft strategy which is linked here.

This map shows current Newcastle City Council owned EV charging points and their current operational status. As further EV charging points are installed, this map will update with the new locations.

One of the features of this map gives you the option to suggest a location for future public EV charging points. You can choose anywhere within the Newcastle city boundary and an automatic buffer will appear around the point; this buffer is the approximate distance of a 10-minute walk (800m). You are able to choose multiple locations, so you can highlight key places you visit that you think may need an EV charging point – e.g. your home, your workplace, places you frequently visit, etc.

There is also the option to answer a few quick questions about how you use or will use EV charging points. These answers will influence Newcastle City Council’s future EV charging infrastructure offer to meet the needs of residents and businesses. .

Please answer these questions after suggesting a location for a future EV charging point so we can understand the requirements in each area of the city.

The data collected from this form will help Newcastle City Council understand the demand for EV charging points within the Newcastle area and inform the targeted roll out of EV charging infrastructure. The Council wishes to deploy EV charge points in appropriate locations where there is both a need for the infrastructure and a demand, as well as supporting wider Net Zero, air quality and other social goals. 

The data gathered from the questions will help inform our future strategy to understand the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles for the residents on Newcastle. We are keen to give both current EV owners and non-owners their say on our future EV charging infrastructure around the Newcastle boundary. This consultation will be ongoing and help us understand the future need for EV infrastructure around the Newcastle area.

We will store your answers securely and will not share them with anyone else. We will use people’s answers only to help us understand more about people’s use of, and views about, Electric Vehicle charging points.

If you have any feedback or further questions, please contact or call us at 0191 2787878.


You can start by dragging the map to your desired location or searching street name/postcode.

Click the map to propose an area for EV Charging points to be installed, you will see a ring appear around the area which represents an 800m radius (approx 10 minute walk).

Please save changes once you are happy with the location you have selected.
This map only covers Newcastle City Council owned charging points.
Please see Car Parks and On Street Parking | Newcastle City Council for more information on parking prices’ as a pop up to the information button under the map.


We’d like to hear what you think about how Newcastle should provide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points in future. Please help us by answering these questions!

Your answers will be sent directly to our climate change inbox, and we will use the answers we receive to help determine the demand for EV Points within Newcastle and what people think about the benefits or drawbacks of using electric vehicles.

Are you a resident or a business owner?

Business Owner who is resident in Newcastle
Business Owner who is not resident in Newcastle

Do you currently drive or have access to either a hybrid electric car or a purely electric car which needs to be plugged in to charge? (If you have access to a ‘self-charging’ hybrid vehicle which does not need to be plugged in, please reply ‘no’). Please tick one option.


Do you have access to a private charging point? Please tick one option.


How often do you access and use public EV charging points in Newcastle? Please tick one option.

Once a month
Once every 2 weeks
2-3 times a week
4-6 times a week
Only when travelling long distance

If yes, please tick all the locations that apply to your regular use of EV Charging points

On-street charging
Off-street charging
Multi-storey car park
On-street car park
Off-street car park

Do you currently drive or have access to another form of vehicle?

Yes, I do
No, I only have access to one electric vehicle
No, I do not have accesss to any vehicle at all

Please tell us about what type of vehicle(s) you have. Please tick all that apply.

Other, please tell us about this

When at home, where do you currently park your vehicle at night? Please tick the option you use most often.

Off-street - Private Driveway/Garage
Off-street - Public Car Park
Off-street Private Car Park
Other, please tell us about this

If you currently own or have access to a vehicle which is not electric or hybrid, are you likely to consider replacing it with an electric vehicle? Please tick one option.

Yes, within the next year
Yes, within the next 1-2 years
Yes, I am likely to purchase an EV in 3 years or after that
No, I do not intend to replace my current vehicle in the foreseeable future
No, I intend to replace my current vehicle, but I do not intend to purchase an EV when I do
No, all the vehicles I own or have access to are already electric vehicles
No, if the vehicle I have access to is replaced, it will not be my decision about what to replace it with
Unsure – I may consider an electric vehicle in future but I have not made a decision one way or the other.

If you are thinking of switching to an EV in future, are any of these concerns for you? Please tick all that apply, and indicate which is your main concern.

I do not have any concerns about switching to an EV in future

This is a concern for me This is my main concern
Purchase Cost
Running and maintenance cost
Vehicle range
Access to charger at home
Access to charger at your main trip destination
Access to public charger near your home
Other, please tell us about this below

If you are thinking of switching to an electric vehicle in future, would you use a public EV charging point if you had easy access to one?


If you are thinking of switching to an electric vehicle in future, what would be the longest amount of time you would be willing to walk to your nearest public EV charging point?

Less than 2 minutes (0-200m)
Between 2-5 minutes (200-400m)
Between 5-10 minutes (400-800m)
More than 10 minutes (800m+)

Would you be more likely to use a Park and Ride service if you had access to a public EV Charging Point at the location?


Do you have any further comments?


How many people do you employ?

Less than 10
More than 100
Not sure

Roughly how many of your employees commute to the business by car?

Less than 10
More than 100
Not sure

Do you the majority of your employees use public or private car parking?

Neither, the majority of my employees do not commute by car

Do you currently have EV Charging points at your business location, or easy access to charging points nearby?


Do you have any further comments?


Do you hold a valid UK driving license?


Are you likely to need access to a vehicle in the future?


If you had access to an electric vehicle via a car club, would you use one?


Do you have any further comments?


If you have any further questions or need information in a different format, please email or call: 0191 278 7878.