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The aim of GREENER Newcastle is to inform residents and building users about the potential benefits of installing solar PV on their property. Solar PV refers to photovoltaic panels which are placed on the roofs of properties to generate their own renewable electricity.

The GREENER Newcastle estimates include information on the number of PV panels, the cost, the renewable electricity generated each year and the number of years to pay back the original investment. This data should be used to help advise the residents and businesses of Newcastle about the potential for solar PV but not inform people about how to install these technologies.

If you decide to continue looking into the process of installing solar PV on your property you should contact qualified solar PV installers to give you an accurate measurement of your potential for solar PV and an accurate cost of this installation.

If you decide to continue looking into installing solar PV panels, there are many benefits to both individuals and the environment.

Firstly, solar PV takes advantage of the solar energy from the sun. Daylight is used to generate renewable electricity which can be used to power devices in your home. Using renewable energy helps the planet by reducing the impact of your home on the climate.

As well as having environmental benefits, solar PV can also help with cost savings on the electricity within your home. Investing in renewable technologies like solar PV can payback on your investment by providing annual cost savings after a number of years.

There is no better time to invest in solar PV, particularly as the cost of energy has increased dramatically in recent years. By installing solar PV panels, homes will be less impacted by future changes in the cost of energy from the grid, because solar PV panels during operation benefit from a reliable and free source of energy.

GREENER Newcastle is a website created by Newcastle City Council for all properties, domestic and non-domestic, within Newcastle’s boundary. The data used to display the different orientation aspects and roof design on the GREENER Newcastle website is Lidar data. Light detection and ranging (lidar) mapping are an accepted method of generating precise and directly georeferenced spatial information about the shape and surface characteristics of the Earth.

GREENER Newcastle uses this data to estimate solar PV potential by looking at roof size, shape, shading and orientation. GREENER Newcastle uses various assumptions to estimate the renewable electricity that can be generated each year and the costs and savings associated with the installation. The data should not be relied on, but is a useful initial reference point for residents thinking about the potential of solar PV on their property.

Requesting more information

If you are interested in learning more about installing solar PV on your property, then we invite you to look at this website to explore your options for MCS certified solar PV installers in your area: Find a Contractor - MCS (

If you want more information about options for grant funding from the council then please provide your name, address name and email and we will be in touch with more information we may have about your property.

Reporting Errors

We want to make this data accessible to everybody within the Newcastle boundary so it is important to flag any issues or errors within the data as soon as possible so we can attempt to fix these problems. If you are experiencing any issues with your property data or believe there are errors within this data please provide your name, address name and email and we will be in touch to rectify these problems.


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